Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Supplements

The NatureCare supplements are natural?

The NatureCare supplements are 100% natural, free of dyes, preservatives and other substances of synthetic origin. In addition, they are formulated with only the highest quality raw materials.

The NatureCare supplements are safe?

The NatureCare supplements are absolutely safe and meet all applicable rules established by the Italian Ministry of Health regarding the formulation of food supplements.

Supplements can replace a healthy diet?

No supplement, however effective, can in no way replace a healthy and balanced diet, which is always the starting point in order to maintain or achieve wellness.

Orders: Payment & Shipping

How can I place orders?

You can make your orders directly on the site or by phone by contacting Customer Service at 071-6678066.

What are the accepted payment methods?

For purchasing NatureCare supplements you can take the following payment methods:

-Bank Wire Transfer

*Commercial Bank
*Sampath Bank
*Bank of Ceylon
*People's Bank



What are the delivery of orders?

Orders placed on the site are delivered throughout the Courier Services within 14 Days or 28 Days. It depend on out stock.

What are the shipping costs?

For orders less than LKR 4,000, the expedition has a cost of LKR 600 (for signage is also provided for an additional fee of LKR 300.00). For orders worth more than LKR 10,000, shipping is free. However the cost of the mark remains the same for any type of amount.

I can order and receive products abroad?

Orders placed on can only be delivered in Sri Lanka.

Can I change or cancel an order?

You may request deletion or modification of an order placed from Monday to Friday by forwarding the request to the customer service NatureCare, preferably by telephone to the number 071 6678066. More specifically, orders placed from Monday to Friday after 14 hours, you can send requests cancellation or modifications within 18 hours for orders placed after 18 hours or within the next 14 days, you should instead send requests within 14. For orders placed over the weekend, given the tight deadlines, you can not make changes or cancellations.

What happens if I'm not home at the time of delivery?

If you think that the courier can get when you're at work, we recommend entering the workplace delivery address (if you can). Irrespective from the specified address, the courier can not reach you, you will leave a warning ticket: please contact him as soon as possible to the number or email address provided on notice, and accordarti by date and time of delivery when you will be present at the address indicated.

Orders: Returns

I can make the product I ordered?

The supplements purchased can be returned (undamaged and unopened) within 30 days of delivery. The amount paid, excluding any shipping charges, will be returned to the account specified by the customer. Important: any promotional packages may not be returned in part or with partially opened packages.

What should I do to make a supplement?

For the return or replacement of a supplement is necessary to delivery the product intact and unopened, back to the originator. To know the details of the return of the goods, you can contact the customer service department at the number 071-6678066 , write to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on this chat on the site.